Tallulah Release Volunteering

Tallulah Release - April 9th and 10th 2016

 The AWC is coordinating volunteers for the weekend of April 9th and 10th. We also need you!

We will need 18 land based volunteers, 4 safety boaters, a sweep team and 2 standbys for each day. Volunteers can do double shifts if they'd like. Standbys are important for volunteer events because, well, things happen.

Two Days, with two shifts. 
First shift is from 8am-12pm.
Second shift is from 11am to 3:30pm

The following are the positions that need to be filled.

  • Registration Desk (3 people per shift) - At the top of the stairs
  • you collect Waivers and make sure they are filled it out properly (ICE numbers and allergy sections filled in)
  • you stop the general public from going down the steps
  • you control the flow of boats and paddlers down the steps to avoid overcrowding at the put in
  • Two people are at the Bridge:
  • you stop the general public coming across and onto the stairs (Only boaters, Rangers and volunteers are allowed on the stairs during the release)
  • coordinate with the registration desk and put in to regulate the flow of paddlers on the stairs and at the put in
  • Two People at the Put In:
  • keep the deck as organized as possible (have paddlers stack boats if it gets too crowde
  • coordinate with the bridge and registration desk to regulate the flow of paddlers so the deck doesn't get too crowded and we end up with a back log on the stairs
  • keep in touch with everyone via radio if we have an emergency and request assistance if needed
Two People at the Take Out:
  • check for parking passes and maximize the minimal space available
  • ask boaters to leave as few vehicles possible at take out
  • remind everyone the gate closes at 5pm
Four Boaters Below Oceana:
  • positions revolve through the day
  • will have a radio to communicate with
  • a large number of accidents happen here, this position is for everyone's safety
A Sweep Team:
  • The last group of boaters on the river to make sure everyone is out of the gorge before the water gets shut off.

You don't need to know anything about paddling to work the Registration Desk, the Bridge or the Take Out but the volunteers do need to be familiar with whitewater paddling to work the Put In.

Comfortable shoes are a must. There are 400 steps down to the bridge and 600 steps (total) down to the put in. Layers of clothes are strongly advised. When the sun is up it can be quite warm in the gorge but as soon as the sun is gone in the temperature drops quickly. There tends to be a lot of mist at the put-in. A bottle of water and a snack are also advised.

We will be holding an orientation meeting at the beginning of each shift so the volunteers get a chance to meet each other and will be briefed on the duties of each of the positions.

Camping and TallulahFest

AWC will have a contingent group of folks camping and attending TallulahFest, come out and join us.

To sign up please contact Arthur Blankenship 

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