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Tallulah 1st Timer Trip

  • 19 Nov 2011
  • Tallulah Gorge, Boater Parking Lot


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Terran Viehe, Nick Fielder, Jiri Vala & Brian Berg will be coordinating a Tallulah 1st Timer trip through Tallulah Gorge on Saturday, November 19th.   The group size will be capped at 10 plus the coordinators.  AW rates this as a Class 4-5 run.  There are 2 Class 5's that can be walked. Terran requests you have solid experience with good runs of Sec. 4 & the Cheoah.  Those wishing to join the trip must contact Terran directly at


Expect to be screened. This a difficult run & the coordinators want to be confident of your abilities & experience.   This is a huge favor they are doing for the AWC & you.


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