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AWC T-Shirt Design Contest

  • 05 Apr 2010
  • Submit designs to rhancharick@yahoo.com


AWC T-shirt Design Contest!

1.      Submit a design by Monday April 5th

a.   Designs can be text, image or both

b.   No copyrighted materials without appropriate permission

c.   Do not include the year 2010

d.   Designs can only be one color (printed design will be in white only to allow for printing on dark colored t-shirts)

e.   Submit your design via email to rhancharick@yahoo.com

f.      Any format is acceptable, including a scanned sketch.

2.      Vote for the best design at the Tuesday April 6th AWC club meeting

a.   Winning design will receive 2 free t-shirts and a $50 gift certificate to a local outfitter

3.      Order online via the AWC website (April 7th – May 16th)

a.   Choose from a wide variety of colors and sizes (men’s and women’s)

b.   $15 for one shirt or $25 for two shirts

4.      Pick up t-shirts at the Tuesday June 1st AWC club meeting

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