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As we all know, access to rivers and watersheds are in constant jeopardy. We all need to be proactive in positive representation of the paddling community at all times. One ongoing problem has been the issue of relationships with landowners along the Cartecay River. Currently Travis Crouch, a Gilmer County Commissioner who is a whitewater paddler, is seeking to set some regulatory standards for outfitters who do business on the Cartecay River. The desire is to improve the image of the private paddling community, develop an additional take out, and maintain access to the river for private boaters. Please read his letter to the paddling community and proposal outlining his goals, they are posted in the links below. Additionally there is a map showing the proposed takeout access and a letter from the local DNR to the Commissioners with their stance on this issue. Feedback is being encouraged about two specific matters; outfitter regulations and working with the DNR to develop an additional takeout just below Clear Creek Falls. Your voice on this is important even if you do not regularly paddle the Cartecay River. Access to the Cartecay as a 'beginning river' is important to build the growth of the whitewater community. Contact points are listed in the letter to the paddling community to express your opinion on these matters. 

While this has been a long ongoing issue at the Cartecay, negative sentiment from landowners has escalated severely over the past year. Your voice is important in this issue! Thank you.

Fred Kaumeyer


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